Speak In The Education Market Course

This 10 week online training module course is geared towards those individuals who are looking to impact and speak in the Education Market. The Education Market is a multibillion dollar industry always looking for speakers, trainers, authors and consultants.

The Education Market consist of elementary, middle, high school, universities, colleges, trade schools, educational conferences, anybody who is a student or works directly with students.

Do you have a passion for youth? Do you want to make an impact in school system or those who work with students while making an impact, having influence and making income? This course is for you!

Mike is taking what he has done for the past decade plus speaking in the Education Market and put it in a 10 week online module training that’s easy to follow. This course is designed for those who are ready to impact the current and next generation of leaders (Staff, Educators and Students)

In this course you’ll learn
  • How To Find and Book Speaking Engagements
  • How To Turn One Message Into Multiple Streams of Income
  • How To Become A Better Communicator
  • Email Marketing Strategies
  • How To Go From FREE Speaker To FEE Speaker
  • How To Negotiate Your Speaking Fees

And Much More!


The Course Includes Done For You
  • Contract
  • Phone Script
  • Email Templates
  • PDF Worksheets

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Click the link below for more information on the Speak In The Education Market Course and check out this free training On “How to book your next speaking engagement within the next 30 days even if nobody has ever heard of you and without having to cold call anyone”