Student Success Tour School Assembly

(Middle/ High School Students)

Are you looking for the perfect speaker for count days, state testing, pep rallies, special events, parent engagement, honor /ceremony awards or a school assembly?

Someone who can teach students the mission and the vision of you school in a unique and dynamic way? Someone who can can challenge, empower and motivate your students?

Book the Student Success Tour School Assembly!

This is a 1 hour motivational, educational presentation infused with cutting edge principles to help students succeed academically and personally. The Student Success Tour School Assembly has reached over 100,000 Educators and Students

“Mike Nelson came to our school with his Student Success Tour School Assembly, it was dynamic and engaging, our students often ask when is Mike coming back”

Alicia Dougherty- School Counselor (Academy Park High School)

Student Success Leadership Program

(College Students)

Are you looking for a keynote speaker for your Freshman Orientation? Are you looking for someone who can speak to leadership groups on campus? Sororities, Fraternities Clubs and Organizations? Book the Student Success Leadership Program!

The Student Success Leadership Program is a keynote speech/ workshop built for student leaders on College campus’. The intent of this keynote or workshop is to help students discover their leadership skill set and style. Students will learn how to become better and effective leaders and how to deal with conflict.

“We brought Mike in to work on our students leadership skills. He was engaging and broke down leadership in ways that students enjoyed”

Murray Edwards – Office of Cultural & Academic Transitions Coordinator (Michigan State University)

Staff Success Professional Development

(Staff, Teachers, Administration)

Are you looking for someone who can present to your Leadership group, Staff, Teachers or Administration?

One of the main challenges working with others is communication. Would you like someone to come in and show leadership how to uses successful communication strategies amongst each other? Would you like someone to breakdown how each individual on your team personality plays a role in the success of students and others?

Book a Professional Development session with Mike Nelson!

“The communication amongst staff increased greatly having Mike Nelson come in and show us how each of our personalities plays a role in how we understand each other and communicate”

Dr. Durmus- Principal (Vision Academy Charter High School)

Interested in a specific presentation or to have Mike contracted at your School or University?

Email [email protected] and someone will speak with you about your specific needs of your staff and or students.

“If Knowledge is power education is an unstoppable force” –Mike Nelson.