Student Assemblies

Whether it’s a crowd of hundreds or thousands Mike, has a penetrating, heartfelt message that will touch, inspire and motivate students to reach new heights academically and personally. Students will learn how to not succumb to peer pressure and the importance of education.

Student Classroom Empowerment Sessions

Allow Mike to provide educational motivational presentations to your classroom(s) with cutting edge principles that will challenge, empower and push your students in your class to do better! Classroom presentations are uniquely designed with questions and answers to better help keep students engaged. Students will learn the power of decision making and how it impacts their future.

Student Development Workshops

Strategic educational and motivational presentations to help students fulfill their needs academically and personally. These sessions are uniquely designed and tailored made for students using 7 key principles for student success. Students will learn how to critically think their way through academic and personal success.

“If Knowledge is power education is an unstoppable force” –Mike Nelson.

Staff Development

Times change, and so do students! Allow Mike to help your staff to be better equipped with the knowledge, attitudes, behaviors and skills that are required in a quickly changing society of students so that they can perform their tasks effectively in the classroom, school and community. Staff will learn how to keep students better engaged in an academic setting.

Student Keynote Speaker

Graduation, banquets and ceremonies for students are memorable experiences. Allow Mike to deliver a keynote speech that will help inspire students and provide hope for the future.