Mike Nelson is here to motivate the current and next generation of students.

From College academic risk student to Author, Minister, Educator and Motivational speaker Mike Nelson embodies the definition of hard work, openly admitting that he had some academic challenges growing up. “I strongly disliked school and thought it was absolutely boring” –Mike Nelson. However, Mike knew that if he would ever be successful he needed education to play a critical role.

Mike Nelson was raised in West Philadelphia, from an early age Mike could not figure out how to be a successful student. His grades were evident of this, as his College G.P.A. stood at a disappointing 1.9 his freshman year. Mike knew he needed to become a better student so he made a couple of key adjustments which allowed him to graduate. Today, Mike stands as an advocate and champion for education, as Mike will be graduating this June with his Master of Arts degree with a concentration in Urban Studies.

Mike Nelson has worked in the education field for the past 5 years in the roles of Student Motivational Speaker, Educator and Student Advocate. He specializes in youth and student development working with various educational programs, nonprofit organizations, middle schools, high schools and colleges in the United States of America.

“I know what it is like to be the student who has academic challenges however, through hard work and dedication I was able to overcome my academic challenges. My entire mission is to be able to give students the blueprint for academic and personal success.” –Mike Nelson


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Michael “Mike the Motivator” Nelson is a phenomenal young motivational speaker. His presentation to the students of the Young Men’s initiative at Philadelphia Futures was truly inspiring to them and their mentors who were in attendance as well. I highly recommend Michael as a motivational speaker for all ages and hope you are as moved as we were by his presence.”

Stephen Tyson Jr.
Director of Young Men's Initiative